Georgina Mace: The Architect Of The “Red List” Of Threatened Species

Georgina Mace was the architect of the “red list” of threatened species that served to shape conservation policies for the last 15 years around the world. She has passed away at 67 years of age.

Post COVID-19 Reefs Show off the Splendor of 50 Years Ago

It is tremendous what is happening and future generations will study this pandemic and its consequences on people and the economy. However, to give some hope in this global crisis only one consequence could be positive; the environmental one.

Go Green Supports WWF˘s Emergency Recovery Plan for Freshwater Biodiversity

Go Green turns 3 years old, with the same spirit and enthusiasm to resume its environmental activities with all the people who over the years have

Underwater Hotel Opens in Australia on Great Barrier Reef

The 32-room Reefsuites, offers an intimate experience.


The mystery of how the “upside-down jellyfish” Cassiopea xamachana, which has no tentacles, manages to sting swimmers without touching them has been solved.

New Marinatex wins award for solving many plastic problems

New Marinatex wins award for solving many plastic problems

German Aircraft in the Sea Bottom of Crete

A Messerschmitt Bf 109, the main fighter aircraft of the Luftwaffe during the Second World War which was shot down in Crete, Greece, in 1941, has become a major tourist attraction for the lovers of diving.


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