Crete is is the largest island in Greece and the second largest in the eastern Mediterranean after Cyprus. It has a length of 260km from east to west and has a width of 60km. It covers an area of 8.336kmē and it's extremely mountainous , which gives it special characteristics with unique landscapes , alternating between them so sharply and differently . Demographically is one of the 13 regions of Greece with a population of 650,000 and consists of the prefectures of Chania , Rethymno , Heraklion and Lasithi. 
The top attractions to visit in Crete are:
1 Knossos
2. Cave of Zeus
3. Limbros Gorge 
4. Herakleion archaeological Museum
5. Rethymno Old Town 
6. Old Venetian Harbor Chania
7. Visit Aquarium 
8. Elafonosi Beach ( pink sand )
9. Balos Lagoon z
10. Spinalonga 
11. Chrissi Island


Hersonissos, one of the most popular Cretan seaside resorts, is one of the top choices in the region of Heraklion when it comes to package holidays, nightlife, good tavernas, and a wonderful, pristine sea. Hersonissos was originally a settlement during Minoan Crete (2600-1600 BC). Small artifacts have been found in the area, especially on the little peninsula itself, on Kastri Hill.
After the Minoans were wiped out by the explosion of the volcanic island Santorini 125 km to the north, Hersonissos was quickly resettled, its harbor making it a desirable place for a port. Hersonissos was an important port during Roman times, and continued to be so during the Byzantine era, developing an outside water resource with the construction of an aqueduct, which emptied into a reservoir holding 7,000 cubic meters of water. The Lychnostatis Open Air Museum gives you the chance to explore the trades and lifestyles of early islanders.

Sightseeing in Hersonissos and things to do

1. Visit the old Hersonissos traditional village
2. Aquaworld Aquarium
3. Visit Aqua Plus Water Park 
4. Visit Star Beach 
5. Day trip to Sisi
6. Voulisma Beach 
7. Aposelemis Canyon ,Aposelemis Dam
8. St George's Chapel
9 Archaeological site above the port of Hersonissos

Activities during the day

Scuba Diving (Coral Diving Center Crete)
Safari trips 
Daytrips to Sisi 
Pirate Boat trips 
Fishing trips.
Visit the old villages Episkopiano , Koutouloufari , Old Hersonissos Restaurants , Bakeries

Activities during the night

Clubbing in the town of Hersonissos.
House party's with famous DJ at Star Beach
Visit the old Hersonissos for more traditional Cretan night with live music and dance.

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